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Interior Painting

Breathe new life into your rental units with a fresh coat of paint. Our expert team delivers top-quality interior painting, providing a clean, refreshed ambiance ready to welcome your next tenant.

Cabinet Painting or Refinishing

Modernize your rental units without the cost of a full remodel. Our team can skillfully refinish or paint worn-out cabinets, enhancing their appearance and extending their life. Book your cabinet makeover today!

Drywall Repair and Preparation

Don’t let minor damages delay your rental turnover. Our professionals efficiently repair any imperfections in your drywall, prime, and paint, ensuring a pristine canvas for the new occupants. Call us for a quote!

Wallpaper Removal and Painting

Swap outdated wallpapers for a sleek, modern look. We offer comprehensive wallpaper removal and painting services, transforming your units into appealing, up-to-date homes for prospective tenants. Contact us to get started!

Our Specialities

Fresh Starts with Professional Painting for Every Tenant

Consistent Quality

By hiring ongoing rental turnover painting services, property owners and managers can maintain a uniform and high-quality appearance across all rental units. This consistency can contribute to a better brand image and can be more appealing to potential tenants.

Efficiency and Time Saving

Having a professional team responsible for all painting tasks during rental turnovers can significantly reduce the time units remain vacant between tenants. Faster turnovers mean units can be rented out sooner, minimizing lost revenue.

Reduced Stress Workload

Property management involves numerous tasks. By outsourcing the painting during turnovers, managers can focus on other important aspects of their role, like tenant relations and property maintenance.

Longevity & Maintenance

At SGB Custom Painting, we use high-quality materials and techniques that can enhance the longevity of the paint job. Regularly updated paint can also help protect the property’s surfaces, potentially reducing future repair costs.

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