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You will be ensured long-lasting protection for your project, and an all-around award-winning experience, is guaranteed!

Here at SGB Custom Painting, we know how important it is for you to trust who is in your home. This is why each of our employees is drug tested and background checked before hiring to ensure that we maintain integrity in your home–our SGB Painting Seal of Safety.

As a member of the PDCA, you not only have our assurance that you can trust the character of the painters in your home, but you can also trust that they are trained professionals with the knowledge necessary to make your home more beautiful with the utmost quality.

EPA Certified

SGB Custom Painting, a certified Lead-Safe contractor in Chico, California, adheres strictly to federal regulations for preventing lead contamination during renovations in homes, schools, and childcare facilities built before 1978. We prioritize safety, ensuring our trained team follows EPA guidelines to protect you, your property, and the environment from potential lead risks.